The Issue Of The United States Essay

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Election years in the United States remind many citizens that they live in a country with a political system that allows them to vote for people that will represent them and their wishes up in Washington. Many of the issues that become the target of debate can stem from dissatisfaction with the current regime, issues that have yet to have been answered, as well as whatever else is a hot topic at the time. One election season might have the turbulent geopolitical issues of the Middle East be the hot topic while the next season might have the talk shift to a domestic issue like gun control. Due to the presence of only two major political parties in America, many of the issues, candidates, and positions get diluted into binary choices that in no way represent the population of America. America is an extremely diverse with a wide range of demographics, but the nation possesses a system of government that is completely out of touch with its citizens. The United States uses a system of government that cannot represent its people with the use of candidates that are extremely removed from the realm of the average citizen, an election system that allows for the choice of the people to not count, and a two-party system that cannot realistically account for the diverse opinions of its constituents. The American populace is an extremely varied group of people that includes races and ethnicities from all over the world, along with different economic statuses, religions, sexual…

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