Essay on The Issue Of The Euthanasia

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The term euthanasia comes from the Greek terms eu, which means pleasant, and thanatos, which means death (Starr, 2014). There have recently been many debates and attention regarding right to die legislation in the United States. Currently, only six states have laws allowing patients to seek aid when dying, with California governor Jerry Brown signing the bill into law most recently, on October 5th, 2015. In February of 2015, despite dozens of people testifying in the legislative hearings, Colorado lawmakers rejected the bill that would have allowed Colorado residents to seek aid when dying (Moreno, 2015).
The right to die laws must be spelled out in detail and remain closely monitored for them to be legal, effective, and used in the correct manner. The rejected bill in Colorado was modeled after Oregon’s laws, because Oregon was the first state that passed Right to Die legislation in 1997. The law requires that a patient 18 years of age or older be diagnosed with a terminal illness leading to six months or less to live. Two doctors have to sign off on the patient’s request to end their life, and the patient must be mentally competent and able to administer the medication themselves. The patient must also wait 15 days from the time they receive the prescription until they are able to fill it. The patient is ultimately able to decide if and when they will self-administer, and some patients actually decide not to take it at all (Sanburn, 2015).
The medication typically…

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