The Issue Of Teenage Brains Essay

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teenage brains are not yet fully developed, affecting the way a juvenile acts, thinks, and feels. It can have an affect on the actions a juvenile males, it can make them more likely to take risks than adults. During their teenage years, some people have not yet developed their morals. It is a time when they may start to. A child has not had enough time to develop their morals and fully distinguish right from wrong. They might have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time and git themselves involved in crimes activity, resulting in a life sentence. Some people believe that children are old enough to know exactly what they are doing. Jenkins gives an example of this in her Juvenile Justice Information Exchange article "On Punishment and Teen Killers" explaining, "He came from privilege. Whenever he got in trouble, his parents fixed it. After a series of other crimes, he planned the murders for months, carefully and privately. He did not act on impulse or because of peer pressure. He was not mentally disabled--in fact he was quite intelligent" (Jenkins). She is trying to say that juveniles know right from wrong and that they are fully aware of their actions and the gravity of them. This cannot apply to everyone. There are some cases in which a child will be more mature than the rest but it is not the same for all of them. In Jenkins ' example, the boy must have had some problems if he thought about murdering people and planned them out in advance. There must…

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