The Issue Of Teen Pregnancy Essays

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The topic of teen pregnancy has been studied in a variety of areas, but much of the research focuses on the teen mother. Over nineteen years ago, researchers Allen and Doherty (1996) found “compared with adolescent mothers, relatively little is known about adolescent fathers (p. 220). Although, current literature still continues to support most of the focus on young parenthood has been on the teen mothers. The teen father’s role in the life of the child should be considered just as important as the mother. However, there have been fewer investigations to address teen fathers. Teen fathers are often not included in research, because it is assumed that they leave the relationship once their girlfriends are pregnant and are not unwilling to be involved (Quyen, 2005). Research has been conducted on African American fathers with respect to their lack of presence in the lives of their children, the negative effects to children due to their absence, lack of provision for their children, and child support issues (Bronte-Tinkew, Scott, & Lilia, 2010; Coles, 2009a; Gursimsek, 2003; Krampe & Newton, 2006). Perhaps the teen fathers feel no sense of responsibility and find removing themselves from the equation acceptable. Although, there is a minimal amount of literature to address African American teen fathers there is some support that explores areas of teen fathers, lack of involvement, minimal education, and living in poverty. DeNavas-Walt, Proctor, and Smith, (2009) found “African…

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