The Issue Of Stem Cell Research Essay

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Stem cell research is a hot topic in the medical field today. Usually most people, who are not deeply involved with the news in the medical field, have heard of doctors, whether it be in the news/tv or on a social media site, trying to figure out ways to utilize stem cells and create medical advancements when dealing with things such as heart disease. However, there is a lot of debate that comes along with the words stem cell research. The most common way a person may have heard the term "stem cell" being used is when it is involved with Human embryonic stem cell (ESC) research. The controversy involved with Human ESC research is that in order to retrieve those stem cells the destruction of a human embryo must happen. Many people disagree with this practice and see it as unethical because it is potentially killing a developing human. However, there is another way to get stem cells without going to an embryo. To begin, what is a stem cell? If one took a biology course is high school they would learn that a stem cell is a cell in which the function has not been decided yet. They have the ability to reproduce themselves and they have the potential to become any type of cell in the human body. These cells are most easily found in an embryo and this is because the cells in the embryo have not yet formed into set tissues or organs so they have the potential to be easily molded into numerous cells. But, by taking the stems cells in the embryo that leads to the destruction…

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