The Issue Of Speaker Vs. Rights Of Listener Comes Up Essay

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Case Study Paper When it comes to being someone that participates in social media, the issue of rights of speaker vs rights of listener comes up often. People on social media want the freedom to post their thoughts and opinions without being filtered, but that isn’t how things work. Social Media companies have to deal with handling objectionable speech and over regulation, because having too much of both can drive people away. But issues come when the “listener” feels that someone’s post is offending, threatening, or insulting. This creates tension though because of the first amendment, dealing with freedom of speech. This issue came about at the University of Tennessee, where a tweet was investigated that was posted from one of the law professors, Glenn Reynolds, who is also a contributing columnist for USA Today. His tweet was replying to another tweet about protestors blocking the traffic following a fatal police shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina. His reply quoted the original tweet and he said “Run them down”. Right away his tweet got attention from students at the University and other news outlets, all accusing him of inciting violence towards the demonstrators. Twitter then suspended his account and the Dean of the University soon commented that the matter was under investigation. The first viewpoint that gets noticed and usually brings the issue to attention is the side that takes the right of the listeners. People felt offended and unsafe after they saw…

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