The Issue Of Safe Drinking Water Essay

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My proposed Honours Research Paper will focus on First Nations’ basic right to clean water in Canada. The purpose of my paper will be to explore the relationship between law and First Nations’ right to clean water. The research question that I will be examining is: whether the Canadian government has been successful in its attempt to address the issue of safe drinking water through its policies? After having reviewed secondary resources, it is evident that there are gaps in literature around the issue of clean water in First Nations’ communities. John Graham, the former director of Aboriginal Governance at the Institute On Governance, acknowledges that there are no effective legislations that regulate water on reserves and that as result, no one has been accountable for First Nations’ right to water. This subsequently resulted in the lack of appropriate and timely responses to the lack of First Nations’ water infrastructure. I will, therefore, advance the argument that the Canadian government has not been successful in its attempt to address First Nations’ basic right to clean water on reserves partly because of systematic discrimination and the lack of proper discourse between Aboriginal peoples and the government, thereby leading to insufficient laws and regulations on the provision of water.
Canada has failed to effectively address the issue as its policies tend to disregard Aboriginal People’s right to safe drinking water. My research will focus on the social, economic…

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