The Issue Of National Security Essay

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When it comes to the question of whether issues of national security justify the alteration of civil liberties is right or wrong one can argue both sides. On one side, it is justifiable since the government is more informed about the situation concerning national security and would know what is best for the masses. We should have complete trust in what the government is doing because we, the people, elected them to be in office. On the other hand, politicians can be corrupt, unfair, and critical leading them to potentially take advantage of the power they hold to do things that benefit only certain people. It is also not justifiable because no one should have the ability to take away our human rights. At times the government thinks it’s doing what is best for the country, but they cross the line when they start telling people how to live or what they can and can’t think. Take for example, when Japanese people were sent to concentrations camps during World War 2. Back then, there was paranoia that there were Japanese spies in the U.S., this caused the government to strip Japanese and Japanese descents people of their rights. Looking back, it is that horrific the government approved of that, but it was all done for national security purposes. National security matters should not take away our rights to speak, live and act the way we want. Until someone is proven guilty, there should be no reason to treat them as if they were already so.
Before the U.S. got involved in WWI,…

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