The Issue Of Free Trade Essay

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There are many controversies surrounding free trade, especially because there are no regulations in free trade. Yet by many economist free trade is very helpful for the economy, and to prove it there are many countries now that have benefited from adopting free trade ideas. The United States is one of several countries that has adopted free trade and has truly seen a growth in their economy because of it. The United States has now made many trade agreements that has highly influenced their economy. Many of these agreements have caused many controversial topics that arose globally. What are the factors that the U.S. and economist everywhere see in free trade to say that the positives of free trade outweigh the negatives?
Free trade is based on the idea that things should just flow naturally, and many economist agree. Many economist believe that trade, should be left alone and that the only influential factors should be supply and demand. In free trade, the government does not set any regulations that will reduce or increase the level of exports and imports. Protective policies (also known as “protection”), such as import quotas, export subsidies, and protective tariffs, might be one way the government limits the amount of exports and imports (Wells, Robin p.148). Unlike other trading systems the producers and the consumers, which are the influencers of supply and demand, have the control when it comes to free trade (Amadeo).
Free trade has many advantages that boost and…

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