Essay on The Issue Of Euthanasia And Euthanasia

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Over the ages of civilization, one issue has been consistent over all cultural, social, and ethnic lines: human disease and decay have remained constant. Though this is morbid observation, it is a clear understanding that many wish to find a way to escape this inevitable truth in their lives. What many patients and caretakers are attempting to turn to is a remedy of grand proportions that will revolutionize ideas of human life and death. Dignity has become a clear buzzword for the insistence that euthanasia is a way in which people can die on their own terms without losing their freedom of choice. The dangers warned of by people against euthanasia are in fear of a slippery slope that inevitably leads to a sort of death by proxy and the determination of a person’s worth. Euthanasia will only be understood holistically if there is an attempt to understand both sides of the argument, a realization that this is a complex issue, and that biblical wisdom is needed to make a decision on such an issue.

In Support of Euthanasia
The saying that asserts the only two sure things are death and taxes allows individuals to understand the inevitability of physical death. Pain often comes with this occurrence and it is not unusual to expect an attempt at avoidance when it comes to this. Robert Ho writes in a recent article about this escape of pain as he says, “No wonder then, in the ongoing debate over euthanasia, the most common argument in support of euthanasia and physician-assisted…

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