The Issue Of College Cost Essay

1338 Words Dec 5th, 2016 6 Pages
The concerns are drastic; the issue of college cost is crucial in the application of a higher education in the United States. Whether the reasoning of having a higher education is to improve your life status, getting more money, or making your parents proud, whatever the reason, higher education is unaffordable for the majority of middle-class citizens in the United States. Having a new president, such as President-elect Donald J. Trump, it 's important to know and consider his administration 's plans, on the issue of college cost, before considering higher education as an option in the upcoming years. Statements made by President-elect Donald J. Trump in regard to higher education are “not very different from what other Republicans have been saying in the last few years. What is revealing is the total lack of details, so we have no idea how Trump and his party would solve the problem” (Romero). Nevertheless, his candidacy has not given an outline of their plans thus far. So, it is imperative to go beyond the current candidacy and look towards previous Republican presidents that came before. Even though the President-elect is Donald J. Trump, as a result of the Electoral College’s decision, his presidency does not and might not, regard the issue of college cost as a major problem, for most Republican presidents do not. Although higher education is a source for highly developed students, that are willing to go beyond their high school career, it is still questionable…

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