Essay on The Issue Of Cell Phone Radiation

1465 Words Jan 13th, 2016 null Page
The Quality of Life paper was an experience that has helped to understand the society we live in and the problems we face daily that must be addressed. Researching about the issue of cell phone radiation and how people interact with them, helped to show the significance of the issue. People had no form of really understanding the problem and do not even know the regulations, manufacturers have on the contact customers should have with a phone. For some people it is out of reach this information, there is ambiguity about what a cell phone can do to their health.

From the research found people were unaware of the level of radiation they are exposed to and the risk children faced because of their sensitivity. Currently in the market, there is very little variety to help reduce the problem with radiation. Implementing a program for informing the public about radiation and how to handle their cell phones is necessary to create a solution to the problem. Phone companies taking some form of step to help clients to understand the risk they face with devices. The creation of a line with a variety of cell phone cases that reduce radiation for the public to purchase. All these ideas can help secure the health of the public and to prevent long term health problems that radiation can lead to.

Although there is no real idea of what can occur in the human body from cell phone radiation it is necessary for the public to become aware of the problem. This is important to understand…

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