The Issue Of American Soldiers Essay

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How many people after a hard and exhausting day just want to go home and go to bed? When people lay down in their beds they feel safe and secure, even young children when laying in their bed will hide under their covers to feel safe. Now imagine laying down in bed every night hearing gunshots, doors being split open as people force their way into houses, and people screaming in terror. Many hostile foreign countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq put their people through situations like this every day and night.That is one of the things American troops are trying to change. One of the most controversial issues between Americans today, is whether or not American troops should come home or stay deployed in other countries. These issues are argued in depth about how citizens view troops, if American troops should come home or not, and how many Americans are dying in other countries vs. how many lives American soldiers are saving.
Many indigenous people in foreign countries view American troops as invaders or hostiles. If Iran or Iraq sent troops into towns all over America most people would view them as invaders and many would rebel against them any way they could. The situation is the same when America sends their troops into other countries expecting cooperation from the people who live there. If someone were to come up to a person 's door and tell them to leave right now because they are checking buildings for supplies and weapons, most people would have negative…

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