The Island, The City That Never Sleeps Essay

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Coney Island, located in New York, is in the city that never sleeps. It’s a peninsular neighborhood, with various attractions near Brooklyn. Thousands of people inhabit it and it has wildly diverse cultures within its community, and always associated with its main attractions, the beaches and the amusement parks. Over time, it has continued to develop culturally and politically and physical through various projects by the community.
The name itself established over time, Coney Island, was derived from the Latin word for rabbit, and even today it can be translated as Rabbit Island. The original Dutch colonized settlers most likely called it Rabbit Island (Coney Island) due to rabbits being large in numbers. Which is why the activity of rabbit hunting used to be very popular until their habitats got destroyed. The name of the place it appeared on the maps as early as the 17th century and by 1773 people who have charted New York implemented the modern name that is known to everyone uses today. Along with its name its been known by many nicknames from “America’s Playground” to “Sodom by Sea.”
During the 19th century the main focus of shifted from being Coney Island being urbanized to it adding more attractions, and so they began to develop amusement parks and the Coney Island Beach. Due to Coney Island’s location, which was easily reached form Manhattan and other boroughs of New York, while still being distant enough it also served as a popular vocation site during the early…

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