Coney Dog Research Paper

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Inquiry Question: How is the Coney dog so Iconic in Detroit?
New York Coney is known for their hot dogs. But Soon in the early 1900s immigrants started to move to Detroit and brought the dog with them. Since then, they became the signature dish of the motor city. Growing up in Detroit, everyone knew what a coney dog was and loved them. I was four years old when I had the pleasure of eating my first coney dog at the Coney Island in Comerica Park. I remember the first bite; it was so good. The hot dog was cooked perfectly, the nice warm bun and hot chili kept the hot dog nice and warm and the mustard and onions give it a sharper type of tast and it’s just a perfect combination. Ever since that day everytime I go to a Coney, I always order a nice and delicious coney dog. At a young age I realized that Coney Dogs are a big Detroit thing and means a lot to the city. How did the coney dog get so iconic in Detroit?
The Coney Dog could have never been a thing in Detroit without the help of William “Bill” and Constantine “Gust” Keros. In 1919 the two brothers open a coney downtown called American Coney Island. It was great timing to open Detroit was becoming the automotive capital of the world and need a fast place to grab lunch. It was essential for a booming
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Detroit is the coney dog’s birth place. The coney dog is the face of Detroit it’s one of those things that comes to mind when someone says Detroit. Coneys are located everywhere around the state, you can never run from one. You can find one in the middle nowhere in Michigan. Also coney dogs are a great symbols for the middle class, they came from the core of the country’s middle class, they are cheap, and they are perfect for the blue collar workers that need a fast lunch. Coney dogs are so iconic to detroit because they have been around for almost a century in michigan, there's thousands of places that sell them, and they are delicious and

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