The Is Unsustainable By Bill Gates Told Us, State, And The World

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What is unsustainable? Bill Gates told us that, “Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable.” This quote, short as it may be, is to the point. An unsustainable activity could be made sustainable, but if there isn’t a plan to keep said activity sustainable, then the fallout will result in the unsustainability of the item that had just had effort put into it to keep is sustainable. To me and my beliefs, unsustainability is the decomposition of life or a major part of our everyday lives whether that be a whole community, city, state, or the world. One of the biggest unsustainable topics worldwide is the amount of deforestation. As citizens living on this planet Earth, we have the responsibility to take actions that will keep it healthy and living if possible, which includes maintaining as much forestry alive as possible by keeping a steady amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In other words, to get an unsustainable item to be sustainable, it would be most helpful to follow the following sufficient tasks to benefit the unsustainable factor that is having maintenance, while not harming other sustainable factors. Some could argue that technology, the banking industries, and the need for suburbanization are some of the key unsustainability factors of deforestation. Out of all the topics of unsustainability in the world that could be targeted, why would be trees be targeted? Trees and forestry are being overused and destroyed for many unnecessary…

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