The Is The Triangle Of Well Being Essay

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The first mind map I want to talk about is the triangle of well-being. This mind-map presents an idea that the mind, brain and relationships are a part of a triangle. By the mind, we mean awareness, intention, insight, and focused attention. By brain we mean the extended nervous system throughout our bodies. By relationships we mean interactions with people, most importantly: parents, friends, teachers and the community. The main idea promoted by the triangle of well-being is that the three vertices all influence each other, and therefore coevolve. In other words, the vertices make up a system. Note that until fairly recently it would be preposterous to say that mind and relationships can physically affect the nervous system.
The first of my goals for this quarter is to become healthier. The two behaviors that I am using to achieve this goal are eating well and on time, and consistent frequent physical exercise. I have found the triangle of well-being to be especially useful in implementing the two behaviors that I decided to pursue. I feel like, before, my health has been held down by an inattentive mind, and detrimental relationships. By putting goals and desired practices on paper, I have managed to focus my mind on what I really care about. It is surprising how this change on the mind side immediately affected some of my relationships. I ended spending, and wanting to spend more time with the people who eat all their meals in reasonable time. Moreover, I even got people…

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