The Is The Objectionable, A Physical And Mental Study On Sleep Deprivation

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Proposing The Objectionable

It is commonplace these days to think of an educational experience as one in which an individual is eager to partake in a form of growth. This educational experience could be intellectual, spiritual, or even physical if this individual learns about the inner workings of their own body. However, it is not as common to imagine this type of experience to be overwhelmingly challenging. If a student is taught a lesson, they will first be taught the difficult way so that they can understand the reasoning behind the well developed method. For myself I hope to partake in a challenge that has been repeated numerous times with well documented results. A challenge in which I expect to not learn anything that pertains to any scientific hypothesization, I merely will learn about myself. What I hope to use to exhaust my educational week will be a physical and mental study on sleep deprivation. As mentioned there are a number of results that have already been produced regarding sleep deprivation studies. That is why I do not intend to learn any new information on the test itself. I hope to learn about the capacity of my mental state under pressure. I will attempt to measure my sanity, and whether or not it begins to slip. My physical state will of course be consumed with exhaustion so I will intend to seek any relaxation to ease any stiff muscles. Without sleep my body will have no way to deal with the massive amounts of stress that each and every…

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