The Is The Affordable Act Care Of Affordable Care Essay

960 Words Mar 15th, 2016 4 Pages
One of the promises the government promises to Americans was that affordable care act would reduce health care cost. Has the affordable act care kept it promises? According to Laural Lorenzetti, drug prices and rising medical costs are still ongoing issues in America on 21st century. To show the ongoing problems to her viewers, Lorenzetti, fortune. Com writer, uses the artwork that is created by Zerbo-Getty. The computer generated photography median is that the rising healthcare costs still is a big problem in today’s society. The theme that is carried through the images with money background it helps to make the picture more striking, which works extremely well to draw the viewer attention. This poster mostly attract people who are struggling to pay their medical costs and worrying about their health care coverage. Therefore, rising health care costs is effective in communicating its intended argument to its intended audience.

The creator of the Photography is Zerbor- Getty images/ I stock photo. I stock by Zerbor Getty is a website where multiple artist posts different types of research images and pictures. Therefore, multination business magazine founded by henry luce 1929, uses one of this images to show the effect of rising healthcare cost in America today. The bright background effectively promote the subject of the picture so that the viewers can understand the message of the poster. The artist purpose for designing this image is to address to…

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