The Is Not A Place Of Belonging Essay

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The Difficult Path to Finding a Place of Belonging.
The tension between the creature created by Victor Frankenstein and the community was inevitable due to the creature being the other, the only one of his kind. However, the difference in appearance is not a valid reason to dehumanize an individual who is striving to be a part of the community. Prior to the creature becoming alive, in no way was he considered hideous in appearance to his creator. Victor stated, “I began the creation of a human being” (Shelley 45) from his perspective, not only was the creature beautiful but it was also a human. The scientist believed the success of his experiment would change the world of science and the unique individual he created would be beneficial to the community and bring light into the dark world.
The night his creation came to life, Victor was regretting his attempt to create life and realized it was a catastrophe solely because the creature’s appearance disgusted him. The scientist became horrified and wanted to escape instead of dealing with the consequences. Per philosopher Sartre, every individual must take responsibility for their action without blaming anyone or anything else and Victor failed to do so. He did not fulfill his responsibility of taking care of his creation, instead, found the excuse of creature’s appearance to neglect and categorize him as the other. Victor also failed at conducting basic human instincts of true empathy towards the creature. Frans De Waal, a…

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