Essay on The Is My Greatest Accomplishment

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Sitting here in the pew kicking my little legs back and forth I listen to the preacher talking about forgiveness. I especially enjoyed listening to this part because I did not understand it. People would yell at my grandmother and say many horrible things about her, and she always forgave them. If that were me, I would erase them from my memory. I watched as people stood up one by one to make it down to the front of the church to pray for forgiveness. I never understood the depth of forgiveness until I had to go through it myself. I think that is my greatest accomplishment. To forgive no matter what the issues are.
Incidentally, I have been through many hardships when it comes to forgiving, most importantly my mother was the direct cause of it. She has not been the best mother by far. For example, the last time I saw her was four years ago. We talk over the phone, but it is a strained relationship because she continually asks me for money. She invited herself to Atlantic City. I was excited and skeptical. I know that there is always a catch with her. Against my better judgment, I got her a comp room at one of the casino. I charged the security deposit to my card. I explained to her twice that I needed my security deposit back for my books for school. She said O.K. and that was that. After she had left, a bill came in the mail for 352.00 charges to my card. When I ask her, she apologized and stated she was starving, and she would pay me back. I accepted her apology because…

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