Essay about The Is An Essential Part Of American Life

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News is an essential part of American life, so much so its protection was included within the Bill of Rights. Not only is news media a means of transmitting information, it can strengthen a society, shape opinions, enrich one’s knowledge, and serves as a backbone of democracy by ensuring the public is apprised on topics of national concern. One such topic of concern within our society is the nation’s opioid epidemic. Lives are being lost at an alarming rate, state and local governments are scrambling to address the issue with policy and programs, and the news media are capturing it all. Before news media effects can be accurately described, one must obtain a clear understanding of the magnitude of the epidemic and its underlying causes.

Opioid Analgesic Use and Misuse

Opioid analgesics are derived from morphine, a potent pain reliever found within the opium from the seed of the poppy plant. Morphine binds perfectly to the human body’s receptors in the central nervous system, blocking the patient’s pain. When the body is subjected to opioids over a period of time, it develops a dependence and tolerance to the substance, independent of addiction, requiring an individual to consume more of the drug to elicit the same level of therapeutic results (Miller & Gold, 2015). Additionally, opioid medications can produce a sense of euphoria because these drugs affect brain regions involved in reward and the release of dopamine, thereby triggering an addiction to this…

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