The Is All A Sensory Illusion By Plato And Descartes Essay

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When comparing the concepts from The Matrix to the ideology in the excerpts by Plato and Descartes a common theme is the realization that the world is all a sensory illusion by which an elaborate system of deception can perpetrate individuals to a common belief or perception. One of the main points that is shared between the excerpt by Plato/Descartes and the synopsis of The Matrix is that everything around us is perceived through our senses. Yet, because each individual perceives the world in a different aspect, how do we know that our senses are not faulted by biased opinion or obscure belief.
Plato wrote in his book, The Republic, “Every way such prisoners would deem reality to be nothing else than the shadows of the artificial objects” (Plato, Republic 514A1-518D8). In Plato conversation with Glaucon the subjects of his conversation were unable to move their legs or their necks, therefore, the subjects only perception on things were the pictures that passed by them over the wall. Their perceptions were biased based on the entity of their surroundings. The subjects did not know that their reality was a mere shadow of an artificial object. The same concept with a different aspect applies in the movie The Matrix. Neo is unaware that he is trapped in a limited perception of life. Before taking the red pill, Neo is exactly like the subjects in Plato’s excerpt, confined by the limited perceptions of one’s own senses. Yet after taking the red pill, Neo realizes that his own…

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