The Is A Teenage Girl 's Family Essay

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Who is a teenage girl’s family if they are in foster care or are adopted?
There are many literal terms for family, and many people with different opinions. There are many things that create a family, whether it is related by blood or relationships. The broad definition being who someone lives with in a home. So who is a teenage girl’s family who’s been adopted or in foster care? Family is the relationship with a parent, sibling or friend. However, who are a teenage girl’s parents? How about their siblings? Who are their friends? Though there are many different ways to define an adopted teenage girl’s family, characteristics are the best ways to decide who their family really is. To me, family is much deeper than blood, although when their siblings are blood related them, they have a very special and unique bond, but not everyone gets this option. If they don’t have that option, they can still have an amazing bond, but it will be different. This definition is about who a teenage girl’s family is (parents, siblings, friends), if they are not necessarily related to them because of either being adopted or in foster care.
For instance, when I mentioned who an adopted or in foster care teenage girls parents may be, they probably thought, “That’s easy, it’s their mom [who gave birth to them] and their dad [who is ½ of their genetics]” However that is not always correct, though when is, they will have a deeper bond than if it is not. Take being adopted for example, their parents…

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