The Is A Common Storytelling Technique Essay

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It would be a grave mistake to underestimate the power of storytelling. Stories are not only a common method of communication, but also “encapsulate the deepest fears and hopes, dreams and nightmares of the people; within these emotional images, thinkers pass on to those of us who care to listen the thoughts and ideals of our forebears” (Scheub 2). In this sense, stories reflect and affect the societies in which they are told. Stories are derived and created from the society of the storyteller. Conversely, the perpetuation of these stories then influences the societies in which they are told by passing on “thoughts and ideals.” This cyclical relationship between stories and society illustrates why stories are not only entertaining, but are integral to human experience.
Because stories are so closely related to social values, it comes to no surprise that the pattern of the epic hero is a common storytelling technique. A hero can be defined as someone who contains “past ideals and a future vision; because of this ambiguity (the past and future both containing destructive and creative potential), he is able to lead the people from one (the past) to the other (the future)” (Scheub 198). This definition places the hero at the center of social change as he or she leads people into a new future. Thus, the depiction of a successful or unsuccessful hero reveals the qualities one must have in order to instigate social change. Both Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Nawal El…

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