The Trigger What Gives Rise To A Story? By Debra Spark Analysis

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For my presentation I chose The Trigger: What Gives Rise to a Story? By Debra Spark. Spark argues, weaving together multiple examples throughout her article, that anything can be a trigger for the inspiration of a story. That trigger could be anything: ranging from an object, to a setting, to another story, or even a single word, and varies from person to person. What is a incomplete for one person may not be incomplete for another, which is why everybody has different triggers. And sometimes, a story is complete with too much detail, which can then trigger a story, inciting images of, how would the story have evolved if this didn’t happen? But although images, real or imagined, can be a good source of material by evoking curiosity, sometimes …show more content…
Or it is incomplete to you. For example, this article What Doesn’t Kill You, is about cyclist Peter Hall’s collision with a car in 1994, when he was left to die on the side of the road. Questions that arise could be, why did the person who hit him not stop? Did they feel scared of what might happen or were they rushing to stop another emergency? Is his accident just one piece of the puzzle? We don’t know, and that is what would give rise to a story. The mystery of the story then evolves in a person’s imagination. For writing is discovery. Like driving at night, you only have to see what the lights illuminate in front of …show more content…
And that you shouldn’t reject it out of hand just because you think its small and insignificant, or it may not lead anywhere. Every little thing means something to someone. Even if you just write something for yourself, and never show it anyone.
Debra Spark’s article on what gives rise to a story, is not only her thoughts on what can promote a story, but it revolves around how her friends thought of their stories. Of how their emotions, and interests were projected into their writing, creating everlasting stories. Spark sums up her article with the aforementioned cave experience, highlighting the wonder a trigger can promote. Saying, “sure, we’d all met the guy, but only one of us had the skill to fall in love.”
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