Essay on The Irresistible Revolution : Living As An Ordinary Radical

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Shane Claiborne; self described “Radical Christian,” and author of the Book: The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical. He brings many controversial topics to the forefront. He is against the 1% and large corporations controlling the majority of the wealth and leaving the impoverished to suffer. He uses Christianity as an outlet for change… But what is his personal experience with the Holy Spirit? What is his understanding of the presence of God or of miracles and healing?

Throughout the book often I felt like Shane interpreted the scripture very loosely in order to make his point. One of these starts fairly early when he is generalizing the state of the world and the mistakes and failings of the historical Christian church.

Christianity often has offered little to the world, other then the hope that things will be better in heaven. The Scriptures say that the entire creation groans for liberation and the echoes of that groaning can be heard in everything from hip-hop to Hollywood. Most Christian artists and preachers have remained strangely distant from human suffering, offering the world eternal assurance over prophetic imagination. Perhaps it should not surprise us that Jesus says that if the Christians remain silent, then the rocks will cry out. (Claiborne, 17)

What is Claiborne saying “remain silent” about? His own specific version of liberation and conversion of faith? Shane’s quotation of the bible story about the rocks crying out; (Luke…

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