The Iron Lady By Margaret Hilda Roberts Essay

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The Iron Lady

“I don’t think there will be a woman prime minister in my lifetime” (Thatcher). These were the words of one of the most influential women in modern day Britain, who, ironically, was Britain’s first female prime minister and held the position for longer than any other twentieth century prime minister. Margaret Thatcher is known, above all, for the aforementioned, but is also known for the work she did while in this prestigious office. Thatcher achieved many great feats while in office and fought for the things which she believed. Thatcher has impacted many lives with her work with foreign affairs, governmental practices, and setting the bar high for Britain’s female population by breaking norms and proving what an incredible woman she was.

Margaret Hilda Roberts was born October 13th, 1925 in Grantham, England. At a very young age, Thatcher was exposed to conservative politics by her father, Alfred Roberts, who served as a council member in the town where they resided (“Margaret Thatcher”). Little of Thatcher’s early life clearly led to her career in the political field, but, while attending Oxford University, she was appointed president of the Conservative Association, which was a major feat at the time because it was rare that a woman received that position (Raven 51). Eventually, Thatcher received her degree in Chemistry, became a research chemist (“Margaret Thatcher”), and had much recognition in doing so, including winning the Somerville Natural…

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