The Iq And Standardized Tests Measure Students ' Cognitive Skills

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Guiting Xu
ENGL 105
Prof. Murphy

Teach Character in School
IQ and standardized tests measure students’ cognitive skills. However, test scores and IQ are not predictive of success later in life. I read a book; "How Children Succeed" is written by Paul Tough. Paul Tough argues that the qualities that matter most have more to do with character. Non-cognitive skills are traits and skills that help students facilitate success in school, and non-cognitive skills can be intentionally taught, intentionally practiced, and intentionally mastered. In other words, non-cognitive skills are learnable habits, so they are not inborn traits. Moreover, non-cognitive skills are important for student outcomes because the teacher plays an important role in improving these skills within their students. School is possible to teach character because I believe character traits, such as grit, self-control, and curiosity can let us have more passion, motivation and be more focus, which are important to success in school.
Grit is a non-cognitive trait that should be learned at school because it helps students get more passion to be successful. One of the character traits that emerges as a significant predictor of success isn 't social intelligence, isn 't good looks and physical health, and isn 't IQ; it is grit. In Tough’s book, he discusses that grit affects the performance of students. Furthermore, Angela Lee Duckworth studies intangible concepts such as grit to determine how they might predict…

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