Essay about The Investigation Of A Theory That A Crime Was Committed

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A guideline is a set of general rules, or principles that one must follow. A preliminary investigation is done to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to form a theory that a crime was committed. The guidelines for the preliminary investigation of a criminal case are as follows: Officers authorized to conduct preliminary investigations are city prosecutors, judges of the municipal trial courts and municipal circuit trial courts, national and regional state prosecutors, and other officers as authorized by the law.

The preliminary investigation begins when a call to responders is received. At this time, the officer should become mentally prepared prior to arriving on the scene. Once the officer has arrived at the scene, his task is to identify the victim, which can be fairly easy since the victim is usually the person who made the complaint. No matter how much work and effort is put into solving a crime, these are not always solved. A study done by the Rochester Police Department, found that at least one of the twelve following factors must be present in order to have a chance to solve a case. The factors are: 1) Witnesses 2) Knowledge of the suspect 's name 3) Knowledge of where the suspect can be located 4) Description of suspect 5) Identification of suspect 6) Property with traceable, identifiable characteristics, marks or numbers 7) Existence of a significant method of operation 8) Presence of significant physical evidence 9) Description of the suspect 's…

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