Essay on The Invention Of Twitter On Society

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The Invention of Twitter

The invention of twitter has drastically changed todays society. Twitter has drastically changed the social landscape of American society, bringing together celebrities and the middle class and opening new arenas for social discussion. Social Media in general has as well, but twitter itself has a big outlook on society. Twitter is only one of many social media sites that impact the nation but it is one of the most used and known. With twitter being more user friendly, people of all ages are able to use it. Twitter is forever changing the interface of social media.

The early 2000 's was a decade full of new inventions having to do with internet as well as world events causing distraught in the nation. Facebook was the first social media hit but it was created for an older age group and didn’t allow much freedom to the users. Twitter was invented soon after that to create more freedom to what the users can post. World events such as the attack on 9/11 was around the time of the social media outbreak ("Twitter Is Transforming Social Relationships."). The world disasters combined with twitter allowed people all of the world that were effected by the events to come together and support each other. People also commonly first found out about the world disasters through twitter allowing them to receive the information quickly.…

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