The Invention Of The Smartphone Essay

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In the early 1970’s the world was hit with a huge advancement in technology and communication, the mobile phone. When people today think about what a mobile phone is, they think of their little iPhones, Droids, or Galaxies sitting comfortably in their pockets. However, the first mobile phone was the size of a brick, and for anyone who owned one, it felt like one as well. For 20 years, people carried around huge blocks of plastic that were only good for a call from certain areas, to certain areas. This was until the mid-90’s when the industry was truly hit with the digital hurricane that was the smartphone. Over the past 15 or so years, companies have worked tirelessly to make their phone sleeker, smaller, more efficient, and more marketable. The human race has been completely reformed throughout the innovation of the smartphone, the question being, if it has been a positive or negative effect.
The way that we have accepted the smartphone into everyday life truly has revolutionized the technology from how it first came out, due to the fact that “technology doesn’t get adopted because it works, it gets adopted because people use it,” (Case). When the first true smartphones began to come out in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s, they were meant to be a convenient device you could carry around to make calls on. As they have evolved throughout the years, we have seen calling cut out of the equation, and though they are still being used for emergency situations, the main purpose…

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