The Importance Of Interplay Of Democracy And Political Culture

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The interplay of democracy and political culture affects public administration in Canada through producing certain types of rules, regulations, and institutions. As mentioned by Inwood, the interplay can be described as circular and mutually reinforcing (p.46). Both political culture and democracy affect each other and their values, resulting in dependence that is unlike any linear relationship which lacks give and take in terms of ideas. It is because of the interplay that “we can begin to see the basis of power relations within society and the importance of values, such as equality and freedom” (Inwood, p.54). By playing a huge part in shaping Canada’s public administration, there is great importance assigned to the interplay and the key roles they bring into the institutions. The interplay of democracy and political culture allows for a unique relationship that contributes key points to the public administration and allows for a more specific sense of direction in their political path. To put it simply, “the interplay of democracy and political culture has greatly shaped Canada’s …show more content…
Canada’s political culture can be defined as a distinctive combination of political values. “With a distinct political culture and the utmost respect for democracy, Canadian public administration has, and must continue to, evolve in order to effectively serve its citizens” (Drysdale, p.39). Political culture is always evolving to adjust to new beliefs and influences that a society has. According to Drysdale, the following three are the key components of political culture (p.38):
1. Values, attitudes and beliefs of our citizens in relation to political life, specific political symbols and other areas such as civic interest groups, the province, and/or the state.
2. Political knowledge, such as the degree to which the population understands policy process and specific institutions.
3. Acquisition of political understanding and expectations (and how it was

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