Essay on The Internet Outside The Classroom

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Internet Outside the Classroom It’s obvious at this point that the internet is an integral part of today’s everyday life. It’s become an adolescent’s medium for entertainment, information gathering, and communication. and the increase of it’s use, comes changes within the lives of students. Instant gratification is now expected by adolescents as things like quick-time scrolling, vine, and web searches with immediate answers becomes the norm. And it has become the norm, if you look into a group of adolescents it’s not a surprise in the least if they’re online, accessible by the hand-held link that cell phones are. Schools must keep up with this constantly changing technology to keep up with the changes it brings to the world (Bedard & Knox-Pipes, 2006). With the increasingly common use of technology among adolescents, students rely on it as an essential and favored part of everyday life. Their approach to life is different, and new forms of communication are becoming available rapidly. The newest generation of adolescents have become ultracommunicators. Because the internet is an important aspect of adolescents’ interaction, it’s no surprise that the access point for them is more home-based than school-based (or education-based) (Bedard & Knox-Pipes, 2006).

Online Learning Growth Online education is still a relatively new phenomenon. Even more so when this article was published in 2006, but even though the last two decades have seen a significant increase, it is still…

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