The Internet Of Philosophy Essay

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Chiyane Peterson The Internet of Philosophy is a website that contains, a series of articles listed with sufficient amounts of information under every letter in the alphabet. The articles go all the way from different philosophers to philosophy topics spoken about over the years. Each article covers an abundance of information on the philosopher or the topic. For example, a topic written on the website is an article about cloning. Cloning is a very popular topic that has been in many discussions over the years, it dates way back to the 1800’s.The article on cloning goes into depth about the history, types and arguments between for cloning and against cloning as well.
First, the article talks about the history of cloning with mammals. In 1894, Hans Driesch cloned a sea urchin and in 1902 Hans Spemann cloned a salamander. The sea urchin was first to clone it he shook an embryonic sea urchin in a beaker full of sea water until the embryo divided into two distinct embryos, Spemann also did this with the salamander except he used hair from his son loop around the embryo to divided it . In 1928, is when Spermann successfully cloned the salamander using nuclear transfer. This involved him removing the nucleus from a single- cell salamander embryo and inserting the nucleus into a different salamander embryonic cell. After this was done, it was many more times throughout the centuries by different scientist and philosophers including: Robert Briggs, Thomas Kling, John Gurdon, Dr.…

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