Essay on The Internet And Its Impact On The World

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The internet of everything, or rather the internet is everything. In todays day and age the internet defines how we interact, connect, and share our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. The internet is by far one of the most powerful advancements in technology in the last fifty years. Through its fibre optic wires, massive data centers, and supercomputing power, the internet has given humankind immense power. The internet can’t be described as its own entity, rather it has to be described as being made up of complex networks, hosted in various locations from the ten-year old computer in your neighbours basement to the massive supercomputing data centres that Google owns. The internet as a whole has been able to connect almost everything in the world, it has made people more aware, it has been able to bring independence to individuals, and it has been able to bring a wealth of knowledge to ones’ fingertips.
The creation of the internet can be traced back to computer science laboratories throughout the world. The first form of the internet consisted simply of localized packet networks, meaning packets of data were sent from a single origin point to a single destination point which had to be predetermined, which meant that it was a closed network. Eventually systems evolved allowing multiple networks to be able to form larger networks and eventually become entirely interconnected with the creation of search engines. The evolution from 1968 to 1994 was rapid due…

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