The Internet And Its Effect On Society Essay examples

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The Internet is used everyday by numerous people around the world, but few know the origin of the Internet. The Internet today has evolved from the original design of the ARPANET in the late 1960’s by the Department of Defense, which was created to share information from server to server, to the World Wide Web created in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee which also shares information from server to server but allows the user to only use one program instead of switching programs to gain information from different servers. The Internet has changed from its creation and has changed society but is the change a positive or has the change debilitated society? The Internet has given society the opportunity to choose whether to use the Internet for positivity or to become debilitated. If society chooses to use the Internet responsibly it can be positive the Internet has be proven to provide unbiased information about different situations the first example of the helpfulness of the internet is during the Kosovo crisis. During the Kosovo crisis was the first time people used the Internet to get unbiased information from inside the action. According to April Lynch a Chronicle Staff Writer for SFGATE “ the war over Kosovo is the first armed conflict in which all sides have an active presence on the Internet, according to Web analysts and publishers” ( The availability of information has not only helped gain impartial information from war torn locations but has also assisted in…

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