Essay on The International League Against Racism And Anti Semitism

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The International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism, or better known as LICRA, is an organization from France that released three poster advertisements to challenge racism and promote their organization. One of the posters features a baby girl, it shows four babies in hospital beds, three white babies in diapers and in the middle a dark-skinned baby girl dressed as a cleaning-lady. The main reason behind the poster is for people to see and understand that someone 's race and/or nationality doesn 't determine their future. The advertisement uses the cuteness of babies to play on the pathos of their audience, using the appeal of their logos by placing the words and their brand strategically, and finally showing their Ethos by putting a spot light on racial issues using stereotypes.
When making a poster advertisement it should have an eye-catching image to draw more attention to it. The general opinion on babies, especially if they are dressed up, is that they are adorable and some people will be drawn because they can be amusing to look at. LICRA made an excellent choice using this tactic because they could have used toddlers, young children or even elementary school children and the point of their poster would have still gotten across to their audience. Studies have shown that the three most eye-catching images are of women, babies and attractive people, but as the page explains: "Of the 3, the most universal in persuasion is babies. The research suggests that we are…

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