The Integrity Of Kate And John And The Decisions They Make At Work

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1. a.This case has a strong intensity due to the fact that other employees can be effected, not only Kate and John. Also, the integrity of Kate and John and the decisions they make at work is affected. Any promotions would be questioned and could harm morale and deteriorate the culture of their office. When there were disagreements on the intensity level of the case, the members of the feeling that there was greater intensity than others, expressed why they believed the intensity rating should be higher.
b.The individual factor at play in this scenario is locus of control. Kate feels pressure to go along with John’s invitations to spend more time together in more casual situations. She feels like she is being controlled by external factors. John feels like he has internal control and can pressure Kate into having a less business and more “friendly” relationship with him because he is her superior and controls whether or not she will get the promotion. Who had control in this situation was greatly debated as most believed John had control; however, there were some that believed Kate was in control. They believed Kate controlled when the boundaries were crossed. Kate knew John was interested in developing a more intimate relationship with her; yet, Kate still allowed John in her home and went with him to the Symphony. She may not have had control over the promotion, but she did allow John access to her outside of work. There were some in the group that believed Kate led John…

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