The Integration Of Psychology And Theology Essay

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In the book The Integration of Psychology and Theology, Carter and Narramore present several aspects and issues regarding the integration of Psychology and Theology. The main focus of the book revolves around four different models of integration. The four models are; the against model, the of model, the parallels model, and the integrates model. The first chapter of the book focuses on people’s thoughts and perceptions on the idea of integrating psychology and theology. One of the main points discussed in this chapter was how Christians view the integration of these two disciplines. The said that Christians are often hesitant to use psychology, because they fear that if they turn to psychology for help, then they are saying that the Bible is insufficient. The chapter summarizes the different ways people understand this integration, and how they view it as a whole. The key concepts in chapter two of this book are based around the barriers that individuals encounter, when integrating psychology and theology. According to the book, there are many different barriers with both psychology and theology that prevent it from being a cohesive integration. Cater and Narramore deficiencies that occur when trying to integrate these two disciplines. They said until these weaknesses are fixed, it is impossible to have a comprehensive view of psychology from a Christian perspective. Therefore, we need to overcome these barriers in order to fully integrate these two…

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