The Integration Of Faith And Learning Essay

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The integration of faith and learning has been a “popular” discussion topic at Christian colleges across the country. The word popular has been placed in quotes here because, for many Christian students, the discussion faith and learning integration has been the source of much confusion and stress. This stems from an erroneous belief that one cannot coexist with the other. In essence, students feel that their faith would be undermined if science had explanations for the many beliefs they had about the natural world. For example, if in science class, students learn that rainbows are a natural phenomenon created independently of God then that would somehow lesson the impact that the Bible had in explaining this event as described in Genesis 9:16-17. It is not even an exaggeration to say that, for many young Christians, the explanations of science could be the start of their journey into doubt and eventual abandonment of their faith altogether. In fact, research by the Barna group reveals that close to 70 percent of young people become disconnected to the church in one form or another during their teenage and college years (Kinnaman, 2011). It clear to see why so many Christians, both students and parents, talk about this issue at the start of the college school year. Although this figure can be too simplistic when viewed in isolation, and that the issue is more nuanced than described here, the results above is enough to show that many of us can do better in preparing young…

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