The Importance Of A Calling From God

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On page 339 Johnson states that “integration is then, in principle, a calling from God”. In your own words explain what he means by this phrase.
In its purest form the integration of Christianity and modern psychology is a “calling from God” (Johnson, 2011). It is accepted and believed within the integration perspective that all truth and knowledge comes from God; whether this knowledge is obtained through the Bible or discoveries made in natural science, mathematics, philosophy, and etc. A calling from God within Christianity usually means something that God requires us to do or generally a work (duty, responsibility) that he wants us to complete and fulfill. So simply put, integration is God calling us to use science (and all that it encompasses) to glorify him and to seek knowledge and understanding. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction” (Proverbs 1:7, English Standard Version). Therefore, God calls his people to gain knowledge, wisdom, and
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These principles basically denounce religious beliefs and involvement of God, specifically his involvement in creation and everyday life. Instead they placed increased value on science and scientific explanations for answering questions pertaining to humanity, the humanity condition, and reality. Without the presence and references to God; the scientific and secular community was able to denounce his existence and with it, his role in our lives. Therefore, the focus was no longer on God, but instead on the individual and self. With the focus on self, Christianity is no longer used to understand the person, specifically our relationship with God and our spirituality are no longer studied and analyzed as a way to understand our being; instead humanity is studied and defined through secular principles and

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