Essay about The Influential Teacher Of My Career As A Student

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As soon as I knew that I had to write about the most influential teacher of my career as a student, I knew exactly who to write about. Nobody else has taught me so much in such a short time as one class period per day. Ever since sixth grade, I have found not only a passionate teacher but a role model in the person that I wish to honor with this award. For everything he has done for me, the least I can do to repay him for his kindness is to tell him how much he truly means to me and to hundreds of other students. I have never met anyone as dedicated and patient as Mr. Wright. When I first met Mr. Wright, I had no idea what to expect. I had just entered sixth grade, barely five feet tall, and afraid of everything. Van Buren Middle School felt so unfamiliar to me and I was convinced I would never feel right walking through those halls. But when I entered the orchestra room for the first time, I felt right at home. The large windows let in sunlight that shone on the cellos and basses that lined the walls. Mr. Wright’s presence filled the room, guiding every child through the process of choosing their very own instrument between sips of coffee. He ran around the room constantly, making sure everybody felt comfortable, not wanting to leave anybody behind. He wanted to get to know us and hear what we had to say. Mr. Wright knew that we were making the biggest choices of our lives so far and took his responsibility as our teacher seriously. He didn’t talk down to us despite our…

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