The Influence Of Tourism In Dubai

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another great year for Dubai. According to Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) , Dubai aims to become the number 1 tourism destination for Asian visitors, and recently according to Arabian Business, India has become Dubai’s top tourist source for the first time, with more than 1.6 million visitors in 2015. Saudi Arabia followed with 1.54 million visitors. Their aim is now to promote their tourism to European countries and to America. That’s when Emirates urges and benefits the country
As a matter of fact Emirates is there to represent Dubai beauty and efficiency, passenger are shown in-flight advertisement of the tourism provided in the country including shopping Mall but certainly can be improved with more of their recent developments and activities. Shortly after the announcement of 2020 expo event, emirates waved and opportunity to promote a vision to their tourism strategies to help Dubai’s goal of 20 million by the 2020. The government has set aside 17 billion budget for new developments to accommodate the
…show more content…, the airline gives the traveller a choice of discovering Dubai trough their website. It includes iconic architecture, Dubai’s best attractions, hotels, and nightlife, shopping and family holidays. The airline allows the passenger to have a clear look to what to expect if travelling to Dubai. The overview includes over 7 videos of the sign seeing in the Dubai. Very eye catching. As per Dr Andreas. He added that “travel costs refer to the costs of round-trip travel between the origin and destination countries or region. Transportation as one of the most necessary elements of a travel. Hence the haul might be an important dominant of leisure travel demand. Oil prices are often regarded as the key indicator of travel costs therefore makes leisure travel. Arguably, the continuous decreases of air fares over time have contributed, to a great

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