Cause Of Crime In Brazil

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America is the country with the highest crime rate in the world. There are approximately 12 million crimes committed in the United States every single year. That is by far the worst in the world. 2 No other nation has more than about 6 million reported crimes per year. But at the same time, USA’s people are having serious problems of crimes. The rate of streets crimes has increased about 73 % as compared to the last year. 1

In US criminal population, nearly half of are black people, and nearly half of adult black men had been detained. Black people are generally very old and live in poor neighborhoods concentrated. Black people have a characteristic, they are always at home, almost never go to the white people area or rich area harassment.
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Since the 1990s the population decreased, which makes it easier to the government to control.

Crime in Brazil including violent and non-violent crimes is on the rise. According to most sources, Brazil possesses high rates of violent crimes. Brazil is in the top 20 countries by intentional homicide rate. Most crime types in Brazil include murder, robbery, kidnapping, corruption, and domestic violence.

Crime in Brazil has become an increasing problem recent years in Brazil. Violence has become the main cause of death amongst Brazilians in the last 20 years. Firearms are believed to be the biggest cause of death among of Brazil's of youth. Over 60,000 guns are sold for each
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First of all the government corruption, even if is latest government implemented strong measures to reduce corruption. Second overpopulation will lead to a rise in crime, because overpopulation will lead to a series of problems, such as housing, education, work, social security and other issues, there will be a lot of inequality, and inequality leads to rising crime rates. Also overpopulation, which is over the amount the state can afford, so general education standards cannot be kept, a lot of people do not even know what “to be in compliance with the law” means.

UAE is a country with 9.346 million inhabitants. The population was steadily increasing since 2004 to 2013 due to the number of expatriates holding residency here. Dubai is the central hub for business and the number of businesses are increasing due to the amount of people who now reside in Dubai.1

I think the increasing population is affecting the crime rates in Dubai. The population rate in Dubai 2011 was 2003170, 2012 was 2105875, 2013 was 2213845.234The crime rate in Dubai 2011 was 588, 2012 was 792, 2013 was 1419. The population is growing very fast. The population is affecting crime rates, which is documented from statistics.

UAE has less crime, because the UAE is a constitutional federation of 7 different emirates government. So the government is easier to manage the each

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