Dubai Informative Speech

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I. Assalamualaikum and good morning to our lecturer, Madam Rosyati and my fellow friends.

A. My name is Wan Nurul Hikmah binti Wan Muzahar.
B. Today, I am going to show and tell you about Dubai.

II. I have some question for you.

A. Do you know or hear the Dubai before?

1) Dubai is the most famous city in the United Arab Emirates and it is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf.
2) Dubai is ranked as top 3 that has the most skyscrapers in the world, best honeymoon destination and right place to shop.

III. Dubai is a beautiful and fantastic place to visit especially who has a lot of money.

IV. I think the Dubai City is a good topic for me to show and tell you about this an amazing place.

V. A. First, I believe
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B. Second, you would not believe me if I said that their people use to keep wild animals like lions, cheetahs and tigers as pets in their home. Yes. It is true. Almost 3000 people keep that wild animals in Dubai.

VII. So, today I will show and tell you three amazing things about the Dubai: it has wonderful and amazing skylines, its culture and tradition and tourist spot.

I. Dubai has wonderful and amazing skyscrapers in the world.

A. There are a lot of Skyscrapers in Dubai such as Burj Khalifa or Burj Dubai, Burj Al-Arab , Princess Tower and vice versa

1) For your information, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world with and architectural height of 828.0 meters.
a) This building is taller than Eiffel Tower in France and two times taller than Empire State
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c) But, when summer came, this Dubai Miracle Garden will be closed from late May until October.

2) The Gold Souk is Dubai’s best known and popular market.

a) There are hundreds of jewellery shop in this souk selling different type of luxurious and shiny jewelleries which includes gold itself, precious gemstone, and silver.
b) This souk is situated in Deira, near the Al Ras Metro Station and is open seven days a week.

3) Besides, we can also visit another place other than Dubai Miracle Garden and Gold Souk.

a) Examples interesting places are, Spice Souk, Sheik Zayed Mosque, Palm Island and many more.
I. In conclusion, you will never get tired to explore more and more about Dubai because of its beautiful and fantastic place to visit.

A. We have seen that Dubai has wonderful and amazing skyscrapers in the world.

B. We also get to know and understanding about Dubai’s cultures and traditions.

C. I have also proves that Dubai is a tourist spot.

II. Now, you already know about Dubai and of course Dubai is one of the country you should visit before you die.

III. Thank you for your

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