Essay on The Influence Of The Public School System

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The majority of the articles that I used here were found using the ERIC database, Google Scholar doing keywords search such as family involvement, parent involvement, homework, parent involvement and achievement, parent and homework, and TIPS.
Brief History of Parent Involvement
“Parents are a child’s first teacher.” It is true not only biblically but historically. Prior to the establishment of any public school system in America, it was parents who were primarily responsible for educating their children as well as developing character qualities, work ethics, and instilling disciplines in them. Even during colonial times, parents still had a control of their children’s education since the board members were comprised of parents in the township. However, this took a dramatic shift when the public school system was developed and took over the control of children’s education, a detrimental shift according to some (Hiatt- Michael, 1994). In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the school authorities turned toward professional teachers to educate children, and the overall educational system became more structured and formalized. As a result, parents became further detached from their children’s education (Hiatt, 1994). During the late 20th century, especially in the 1980s, the quality of American education has surfaced as a widespread concern for educators. The poor performance of American students was documented, especially in the area of math and science,…

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