The Influence Of Social Media And Digital Technology

The rapid growth of social media, and digital technology use over the past decade, has created a new avenue for employers to monitor and investigate their employees and potential employees. (Broughton, Higgins, Hicks & Cox, 2009)
The Online Oxford Dictionary (2016) defines social media as “Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.” This paper will explore the impact of this kind of networking on employment and the effects of an unfavorable online reputation on an individual’s career.
According to Brown & Vaughn, (2011) many employers are turning to social media to screen potential employees. Smith, (2016) explains how this has the potential to be either positive for the potential
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(Skates, 2014). As Jacobs (2013) argues, this suggests that job seekers should be thinking as much about their online reputation as their interview apparel. Inappropriate or unprofessional content on social media can take a candidate, that otherwise would be perfect for the role, totally out of the running.
Brown & Vaughn (2011) point out that many potential employees are not hired, due to detrimental information found on their social media accounts by their potential employers. Such things as inappropriate or provocative photos, poor grammar and spelling, slandering previous work colleges or posting information regarding alcohol or illegal drug use, can leave jobseekers with an unfavorable digital footprint.
Kihn, (2015), believes that many people who use social media are unaware of the repercussions of their digital footprint. Kihn, (2015) goes further to state that “It is very important to remember that knowing the right way to present oneself in a professional way is especially important not only for your career but also your
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Some would argue that the social-media rules are still being written although, increasingly thoughtless behavior, can have long-term consequences. (Meagher, 2015)
The importance of a favorable digital footprint cannot be overstated. According to Mairead Fleming, Managing Director of Ascension Executive Recruitment, cited in Meagher, (2015) says "I 'm always surprised by the intelligent, very capable people out there who don 't realise that their behavior on social media can have a bearing on getting another job and can even affect the one they 're currently in,"
On the other hand, social networking sites such as LinkedIn, can be an advantageous tool for both jobseekers and employers alike. Although it is important for a jobseeker to make sure that all information is consistent on all social media platforms. (Smith,

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