Subliminal Stereotypes

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One thing that has always really interested me is how media and the way that things are portrayed through the media can and will promote certain ideals to the viewer. Subliminal messages put into marketing and advertising can help a viewer subconsciously form stereotypes in their minds, and they might not even realize they are actually making an influenced idea. This has been a particular interesting topic to me at this time as I am writing a final paper in my English class about how in certain Disney films racist ideas are portrayed in very innocent ways, but they influence how the viewer see’s these people of other races. Anyway, this led me to think about when in history has a large number of people been influenced to come to one idea or …show more content…
The films that were released to the general public focused on very specific issues, such as the problem of the Jews, the greatness and blessing of Hitler, the way that true Nazi children and members should be living, and then as World War II got closer they also focused on the supposed “mistreatment” of the Germans. There were films that focused on the so-called Martyr’s of the Nazi party; they also compared the Jews to rodents who were spreading diseases all over Europe, and many other films. But Goebbels did something interesting, he didn’t want there to be just heavy political films in the Cinemas and ordered many comedies to be made to give Germany a “lighter” look and to help the people of Germany be even more unsuspecting against the views of the Nazi party. Goebbels wanted to make sure that everyone was able to hear Hitler speak, and so he organized the sale of radios that were quite cheap. Goebbels believed that if Hitler was to give his speeches then the people of Germany better have a way to tune in and hear him. In some places, loud speakers were put in the streets so that no one could miss a speech given by the “fuhrer”. Many public establishments were ordered to play public speeches when they were

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