The Influence Of Choices In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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A puzzle consists of pieces. Piecing them together takes motivation and commitment. A puzzle is similar to one’s life. Instead of pieces one’s life consists of choices. They are what make up the entirety of our life. Such as what to wear in the morning, when to do one’s homework, and how one treats others? But are these really our choices or are they influenced by outside factors? Each choice that we make on a day to day basis is influenced. There is not one choice that is one hundred percent the individual’s choice. Even though these decisions are menial they are imperative to one’s existence. It is these choices that determine the person that we will become and that add to our identity. These choices are a vital part of who we are. The choices …show more content…
Society does not make our decisions; we make our own decisions and decide for ourselves what we want. Society may influence us to make certain decisions, but overall it is the individual’s choice. The monster in the novel Frankenstein made the decision to kill several people and ultimately that was his choice. As individuals we innately know who we are and what we believe. Rousseau, a French philosopher, believed that we are all born with honest intentions and over time society corrupts us and our views. For example, in the novel Frankenstein, the monster had honorable intentions and he sought to do what was right, but the world would not accept him for who he was. This infuriated the monster and as a result, he killed numerous people. Consequently, babies are innocent and cannot identify the difference between right and wrong. Therefore, they need to be taught this concept; society can warp this truth which can cause them to eventually become corrupt and have differing views. On the other hand, if they are taught the difference between right and wrong and this concept is not skewed they will eventually become upstanding individuals in society. Therefore the truth will remain the same even if people view it differently. Everyone has contrary views on what the truth is and can skew it, but the truth does not change as a

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